Running a Webserver

I am relatively new to running and managing a web server. Sure I learned some basic UNIX commands back in school and know my way around a command prompt, but I really don’t have a ton of hands-on server management experience. This is why I keep most things simple, consult or farm-out some really specific things, and fumble my way through the rest.

We maintain a few different virtual dedicated servers, a couple for clients and one for ourselves and development purposes, all running on UNIX machines with Apache, PHP, MySQL, and some version of Plesk 10. So I get to discover all kinds of fun little things that come up, which keep things interesting and let me dabble a little bit in the harder-core nerd side of my interests.

What will follow in this category is a sort of catalog of some of the interesting things that I come across and the solutions that I implement to fix or modify the servers to achieve my goals, as ‘unlofty’ as they may be :)

Welcome to the new Sidecar Productions website!

Thank you for visiting us here at Sidecar and welcome to our new website. Sidecar has been in production since 2005 and it’s time we had a website that reflected all the goodies, videos and functionality we have created in the past 7 years of doing business. It took some hard work to put all of our creative abilities under one roof but the result is something we are proud of and we hope you like it is as well.

Enjoy our first commercial, checkout our demo reel, and search for ‘Easter Eggs’ that show how fun and entertaining a business website can be. As you peruse our site, we’d love to hear any ideas to make it better, more enticing, or viral. Sidecar is nothing without our network of small businesses, family, and friends, so drop us a line on our contact form; tell us what you like, what you hate, and what you think could use improving on our site.

Our website was built completely ‘in-house’. Any element of this project can be delivered to your business, your start-up, or the company you work with. Our goal was to create a site where our potential customers can experience interactive media online and ask “How do I get that on my site?” The answer is simple, give us a call so we can start discussing your message, your vision, and your goals.

Have a great 2012 and please keep in touch. Sidecar Productions… Video and Web in Motion.