Todd Lucas the Movie … That’s a Wrap!

Hello to all Todd Lucas: Singer/Songwriter supporters:
“THAT’S A WRAP!” exclaimed Evan Robichaud, Assistant Director, while on location at 6:45pm on July 24th. It was a day earlier than scheduled and with the help of more than 30 crew members Todd Lucas: Singer/Songwriter is officially ‘in the can’. In the month since we sent out our last update, we completed all principal photography for the movie over 21 days of shooting. It was a grueling schedule and required a lot of hard work from everyone involved in order to pull it off but, we could not be happier with the way the shoot turned out and the quality of the images we captured.

Our first week of filming was set at, Co-Producer, Greg Smith’s house. Though temperatures soared and space was limited in the second-floor apartment, crew spirits were high as we quickly learned to work as a team and became very efficient. Our Art Department did a magnificent job transforming Greg’s place into a bachelor pad from 1985 where our title characters lived before making it big.

For the second week of shooting, we moved on to shoot all the scenes which take place at Eternity’s favorite dive bar, ‘The Dirty Bird’. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday required our small crew to pack in and out of the Ruby Room at 5am and 5pm so the music venue could continue its day-to-day business. Paul Smith, owner of the Ruby Room, was with us every step of the way offering help, and graciously extended our allotted time on our first day. Again, our crew was up to the challenge (although sleep-deprived) and we got all the shots we needed. The last three days of the week took place at a house on loan from home-owners, Richard and Kathryne Thorpe. This “Expensive House” served as the lavish home of our title characters following their rise to fame. So, of course, in addition to gaudy décor, the place was fully stocked with a pair of DeLoreans, tons of Rubik’s Cubes, and an original 1982 arcade game.

Week three was our most challenging and ambitious week. Starting at a new location almost every day and managing large numbers of cast/ extras pushed the limits of our production team, but by this time we had already been working together efficiently and got the job done. The week started off in Point Loma, at Old Venice Restaurant, where we shot a number of scenes during the day. Later in the week, Jon Gries (Napolean DynamiteLostThe Rundown) was on set for three days to play the role of Barry Goldfield Jr., the band’s record producer. Barry’s father was portrayed by the great Martin Kove (The Karate KidRamboCagney & Lacey), and the two paired perfectly together on screen as father and son during a record signing scene at Lou’s Records in Encinitas. Lou Russell, owner of Lou’s Records, was on hand to ring up many of the cast and crew members for purchases they found while working a long day in his store. We also had more than 30 extras on set that day to help us capture the enthusiasm for the event. A number of other scenes that week were shot at the old Department of Transportation building, including our imitation American Idol scene, an elevator scene, and all of Barry’s office scenes.

Saturday the 21st was our final day of full crew and we were fortunate enough to have the talents of Eric Roberts on set; as the manager of BJ Maxx. St. Vincent De Paul Thrift, in Escondido, was transformed into our 80′s apparel store by our ever-impressive Art Department, led by Jason Kisvarday. Even more impressive was that BJ Maxx represented the third store overhaul of the week for our Art Department and they delivered again, adding incredible depth and texture to our world.

With the production phase of the movie now complete, our post-production team has a lot of work ahead of them, but we hope to have a final cut completed by early 2013. Again, thank you all for your continuing support during this great undertaking; we couldn’t have made it this far without all of you and appreciate your continued support. Congratulations to the cast and crew for a job well done, we are sure that all of their hard work will pay off on screen.