Disk Space

Evidently, Plesk does not properly report available disk space… at least on our virtual-dedicated server from goDaddy.

I was terrified when I logged in to Plesk to find a bright red warning that I had exceeded my allotted server storage. My first thought was how is it even possible for me to be using more space than I had available. My second, and much more concerning, thought was that goDaddy was happily expanding my available storage to match my needs. Not because they are looking out for me, but because then they could stick me with a nice fat overage bill, like the cell phone companies.

Fortunately, the reality was much simpler and less costly for me. Plesk was just wrong. A quick check of my account control panel in my goDaddy account claimed that I had more storage than Plesk was reporting, which I confirmed by SSHing into my server and running the following:

df -h

The disk free command shows how much space is on each of your drives and adding the -h option prints the numbers out in GB, like us humans understand.

Plesk was under-reporting my storage by about 25%, which is obviously a significant difference when we are talking about hundreds of GB.

P.S. Happy Anniversary to my wonderful wife, Susie!

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