Running a Webserver

I am relatively new to running and managing a web server. Sure I learned some basic UNIX commands back in school and know my way around a command prompt, but I really don’t have a ton of hands-on server management experience. This is why I keep most things simple, consult or farm-out some really specific things, and fumble my way through the rest.

We maintain a few different virtual dedicated servers, a couple for clients and one for ourselves and development purposes, all running on UNIX machines with Apache, PHP, MySQL, and some version of Plesk 10. So I get to discover all kinds of fun little things that come up, which keep things interesting and let me dabble a little bit in the harder-core nerd side of my interests.

What will follow in this category is a sort of catalog of some of the interesting things that I come across and the solutions that I implement to fix or modify the servers to achieve my goals, as ‘unlofty’ as they may be :)

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