Jason Kisvarday, Art Director on “Turn Down for What” DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s music video is up for a VMA.

Best Art Direction Nominees

Jason Kisvarday has wowed directors, talent and music video sets for years and is finally getting some of the recognition he deserves.  DJ Snake’s video “Turn Down for What” featuring Lil Jon has been nominated for a MTV Video Music Award for best art direction and Jason looks to be in the lead.  Utilizing puppetry, explosives and camera tricks DJ Snake’s “Turn Down for What” has the potential to really clean up at this years awards.  With other videos in this category relying on pop culture references such as Clueless (starring Alicia Silverstone) and Max Headroom, Snake’s video conjures up images of living in an over populated area with the blue collar working class cutting loose to the newest song featuring the hip-hop mogul.

The song is driven by the breaks, building energy and releasing it on the unsuspecting high-rise featured in this video.  The outcome is a crazed, crotch thrusting young man who convinces the other tenants to join him in his sexual dance.  The talent’s bodies are taken over by the bass from the song and their minds soon follow.  Jason’s use of everyday items to dress the sets (and many of my houses growing up) is mind blowing.  From the wood paneled walls of a single female’s home, to a family having a dinner together over a bowl of french fries, to a house party complete with red solo cups the viewer feels right at home.

This video isn’t the glitz and glamour that we are used to seeing in the hip-hop world, and this is probably why the video works so well.  Everyone from college students to mother’s with children can associate with the scenes.  Neighbors refusing to turn down music, parties down stairs that no one invited us too and using your living room to hang wet clothes.  This video is a drastic turn from other Lil Jon hits such as “Get Low” and “Snap Yo Fingers” that feature scenes with lap dances at the barber shop and groups of models dancing in their bikinis.  This video goes right to the source of a rapper’s fame, the working class. People who just want to turn up the music, dance, and forget the real world for 3 minutes.

Jason Kisvarday has a great chance to pick up some hardware this August 24th at the MTV VMAs.  Although this isn’t a voting category, my vote is for “Turned Down for What” featuring Lil Jon for best Art Direction.

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Maxboost and Ambrosia power – Case Study SCP

Ambrosia Video

In June of 2014 Sidecar Productions was hired to create two unique videos to create brand awareness for a tech start up in the San Francisco area.  Knowing that the client wished to add value to the project we created a script that was energetic, funny and modern.  Time constraints also added to the project’s needs with the product set to launch in less then two weeks.

Maxboost’s Brand Consultant, Marketing Director, and Sidecar’s Senior Project Manager, Eric Staley got together over Skype and hammered out two 45 second scripts that loosely would translate to two, one-minute videos for online distribution.  Bryan Decker, Sidecar’s Production Designer, hired Maddie Moon clothing to recreate the look and feel of a high-end fashion show while the show’s producer, Eric, reserved the locations, received and scheduled castings, and hired the 10+ person crew.

The crew consisted of a Director, a Director of Photography, an Assistant Camera Man, the Production Designer and an Art Assistant, a Lighting Technician, a Boom Operator/Audio Monitor, a Fashion P/A to help with wardrobe, a Hair stylist and a Makeup Artist.  Also, many on the Sidecar team helped with the production including a Graphic Artist and an Assistant Editor while in post production.  Having these resources helped us stay on time and on budget.

The result is a humorous video that has different levels of marketing, humor, and dialogue creating an environment that viewers want to watch over and over.  Please enjoy “Maxboost Power” and “Fashionable Slimcases” by Sidecar Productions.

Ambrosia and Maxboost videos by Sidecar Productions

uNu – Ultrapack: Content for The San Francisco Tech Startup


In May of 2014, uNu (a San Francisco based company) hired Sidecar Productions to create, write, and produce a 30 second low-budget commercial to be aired at a Live 105 Bay Area concert event.  The commercial had to be written, filmed, and edited within two weeks of signing the agreement. Screen replacements needed to be added when the product arrived and it was not camera-ready but our in-house staff was able to solve the problem with After Effects and Mocha.  Within a week we had our script and began the pre-production process.  Actors, equipment, locations, crew, and catering had to be quickly assembled with a delivery date only a week away.

Production designer, Bryan Decker, was able to use a majority of the furniture found at the location.  By adding plants, a slider and some great soft lighting by DP Donnie Eastman, the shoot was dynamic and colorful. Here is the result:

After completing the 30 second commercial spot, the client asked us to create a 60 second overview.  This video was created to inform customers about the UltraPak when they visited the product’s website.  Sidecar wrote, directed and produced the following 60 second and 30 second spots.

The 30 second cut from the 60 second overview.


Please contact Eric Staley at Sidecar Productions to learn how we can help your product reach market.


(858) 384-9937


Music Video from Eternity: The Movie – October 2014

Barrett Crake ready for another take

Sidecar Productions, in association with Collaboration Factory, has created a candy coated, wayfarer-wearing, look at 1985 with the real-fake song “Make Love, Not Just Sex“. The song is a tribute to the overproduced, synth-sounding era that most would like to forget and features the sultry sounds of of the sax.

Nick Faiella, the song’s producer, and owner of Pop. Control has found the soul of Hall and Oates, combined it with the heartbreak of Richard Marx, and brought it to 2014 with a modern-rock sound and comedic delivery.

Barrett Crake, Todd Lucas in Eternity: The Movie, sings on all of the band’s tracks taking us back to 1980-something with names like “Don’t Let Go (I’m Begging You Please)” and “Double Crossed”.  His performance in the video is over-the-top and dramatic adding to the comedy about a song for making love…not just sex. Myko Olivier, from the hit show Castle, plays B.J. Fairchild in the film and is a constant yin to Todd’s…well, yang. He and his mustache pair perfectly with Crake as the bad-boy sax player from Reseda, California.

Outfest Los Angeles has the city’s first look at the hysterical film attached to this music video this Friday at 9:30 pm. Tickets are currently on standby only at the Harmony Gold Theater on Sunset, more information available here: Outfest Tickets