Music Video from Eternity: The Movie – October 2014

Barrett Crake ready for another take

Sidecar Productions, in association with Collaboration Factory, has created a candy coated, wayfarer-wearing, look at 1985 with the real-fake song “Make Love, Not Just Sex“. The song is a tribute to the overproduced, synth-sounding era that most would like to forget and features the sultry sounds of of the sax.

Nick Faiella, the song’s producer, and owner of Pop. Control has found the soul of Hall and Oates, combined it with the heartbreak of Richard Marx, and brought it to 2014 with a modern-rock sound and comedic delivery.

Barrett Crake, Todd Lucas in Eternity: The Movie, sings on all of the band’s tracks taking us back to 1980-something with names like “Don’t Let Go (I’m Begging You Please)” and “Double Crossed”.  His performance in the video is over-the-top and dramatic adding to the comedy about a song for making love…not just sex. Myko Olivier, from the hit show Castle, plays B.J. Fairchild in the film and is a constant yin to Todd’s…well, yang. He and his mustache pair perfectly with Crake as the bad-boy sax player from Reseda, California.

Outfest Los Angeles has the city’s first look at the hysterical film attached to this music video this Friday at 9:30 pm. Tickets are currently on standby only at the Harmony Gold Theater on Sunset, more information available here: Outfest Tickets

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