The Blue Carpet Team & Sidecar’s Anchorman Parody

Last Sunday was an incredible night to host San Diego’s film community to a red carpet event and Sidecar couldn’t have done it without our Blue Carpet Team and Blue Ice Vodka.

San Diego Film Awards Blue Carpet Team 2016

The San Diego Film Awards were held on April 3rd at the Music Box in San Diego and while we apologize for not being able to properly meet all of the nominees and VIP attendees, we hope everyone had a memorable evening in America’s Finest City. From our elegant and beautiful entry door staff to the professional photographer on our red carpet, this event was designed to be unlike similar red carpet events in other large film cities: everyone was welcome. This inclusive atmosphere added to the awards show creator’s electric and visually stunning VIP-event.

SD Film Awards Red Carpet Hosts Erika De La Cruz and Sam Diego

Blue Carpet Hosts Erika De La Cruz and Sam Diego (photo by 656 Photography)

A very special thank you to the nominees who had a chance to visit with our outstanding hosts, Erika De La Cruz and Sam Diego, who did us the kindness of gracing our blue carpet. Thanks, too, to the talented George Jac and incomparable Silvia Luz for securing interviewees, and to Lindsey Lee for flawlessly orchestrating the blue carpet staff. To all of the camera operators, PA’s and staff who worked with us in this high pressure situation, we humbly offer our thanks and can’t wait for the opportunity to work again next year.


In addition, Sidecar was able to show-off their latest collaboration with Bad Cat Films, an Anchorman parody to help celebrate the night of “Film in San Diego.”

Link to the evening’s Blue Carpet photos by Anthony Cassell: