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LA comes to Cabrillo National Monument (San Diego)

Cabrillo National Monument

Last week I got to relive my past and remember my roots in production as an Assistant Director. When I first graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara I took on many project as an AD, I enjoyed the long hours and the ability to build a schedule and help form a cohesive team. More recently I had been working as a Producer at Sidecar but given the opportunity to get back into the saddle I was excited to get to work with a new group of hungry filmmakers down from Los Angeles.

“Caroline” directed by Patricia Delgado is a story about overcoming adversity and finding strength in new friends in strange places. The story follows an artist fresh off the success of a collaborative show now being asked to recreate her piece at a solo show in San Diego. Unsure of herself, she confides in a local sketch artist, played by T.K. Richardson, working in the Cabrillo National Monument gift shop. The two actors have great chemistry and Caroline, played by Rachel Rath gives a solid performance as the lead in the film.

Caroline Crew

Filmed on location at Sunset Cliffs, Cabrillo National Monument and the new Stage Two Nine in Vista, Ca, this wonderful short about believing in yourself has great potential to make it to some of the more prominent film festivals across California and the U.S. Look for Caroline in late 2017.

Crew at Sunset Cliffs


Caroline – Rachel Rath
M.K. – T.K. Richardson
Wilmont – Neil Douglas
Gift Shop Volunteer – Rita Barkett
Barman – Blake Piepho
Roy – Ron Freedman
Keith – Paul Uhler
Bar Extra/Gallery Extra – Dennis O’Connor
Bar Extra – Sneha Patel
Bar Extra – Brady Espinosa
Gallery Waiter – Kirby Wallace
Gallery Extra – Larry Knight
Gallery Extra – Bruno Bosardi
Gallery Extra – Charles Egypt
Gallery Extra – Sandra (Sandy) Miedema
Gallery Extra – Venilda Cintron
Gallery Extra – Wendy Hovland
Gallery Extra – Susan Schneider
Gallery Extra – Cat Forrest


Patricia Delgado – Director

Jessica Moore – Producer

Eric Staley – 1st Assistant Director

Matt Maio – Director of Photography

Fernando Jay – Stunt Coordinator

Aleck Guzman – 1st Assistant Camera

Tim Stronk, Hailong Niu, Nate Bayless – Assistant Camera

Parker Brooks - Steadicam Operator

Maria Eduarda Alguin Simoes – Gaffer

Lesley Elizondo – Key Grip

Dallas Patterson – Grip

Jason Kaiser – Grip

Steven Moyer – DIT

Daniel Bourget – Sound Recordist

Stefan Wanigatunga – Boom Operator

Michelina Miedema – Production Design

Alex King – Property Master

Victoria Ortiz – Production Assistant

Chris Wagner – Costume Design

Sarah Eggart – Makeup Artist 

Kaitlyn Gritts  - Makeup Artist

Tina Lambert, Trina Pham – Set Photographer

The Blue Carpet Team & Sidecar’s Anchorman Parody

Last Sunday was an incredible night to host San Diego’s film community to a red carpet event and Sidecar couldn’t have done it without our Blue Carpet Team and Blue Ice Vodka.

San Diego Film Awards Blue Carpet Team 2016

The San Diego Film Awards were held on April 3rd at the Music Box in San Diego and while we apologize for not being able to properly meet all of the nominees and VIP attendees, we hope everyone had a memorable evening in America’s Finest City. From our elegant and beautiful entry door staff to the professional photographer on our red carpet, this event was designed to be unlike similar red carpet events in other large film cities: everyone was welcome. This inclusive atmosphere added to the awards show creator’s electric and visually stunning VIP-event.

SD Film Awards Red Carpet Hosts Erika De La Cruz and Sam Diego

Blue Carpet Hosts Erika De La Cruz and Sam Diego (photo by 656 Photography)

A very special thank you to the nominees who had a chance to visit with our outstanding hosts, Erika De La Cruz and Sam Diego, who did us the kindness of gracing our blue carpet. Thanks, too, to the talented George Jac and incomparable Silvia Luz for securing interviewees, and to Lindsey Lee for flawlessly orchestrating the blue carpet staff. To all of the camera operators, PA’s and staff who worked with us in this high pressure situation, we humbly offer our thanks and can’t wait for the opportunity to work again next year.


In addition, Sidecar was able to show-off their latest collaboration with Bad Cat Films, an Anchorman parody to help celebrate the night of “Film in San Diego.”

Link to the evening’s Blue Carpet photos by Anthony Cassell:

Only 2 Weeks Left: Spring Video Special

Upgrade Your Video Content with Sidecar

Dynamic Golf – Example Video

Most production companies in the U.S. struggle to deliver the services we have been providing San Diego with for more than 10 years, so to celebrate our success, we are offering a Spring Special to our core clients over the years, the trainers and coaches of Southern California.

Sidecar Productions, San Diego’s premiere creator of sports, training, and instructional videos, is presenting this spring-time special with eight reserved slots available in the months of April and May. Be sure to take advantage of this limited offer to update or create new online content for your business!

For just $1250.00* Sidecar will preform video services at your facility for 5 hours on our scheduled day. Our staff will then edit the footage into a fine-tuned marketing piece, review the product with your staff, and deliver the final video as early as 2 weeks** after filming. Video production time can be used to schedule testimonials, train staff, film b-roll, and/or capture employee interviews. After we complete your HD filming using best standards and practices for audio and video, we will edit the footage into a 1 – 2 minute sizzle reel with an opening title and a call to action using your camera ready logo. Typically, Sidecar preforms these on-site projects for $1800 – $2800, which limits us to only 8 slots available this spring.

From instructional videos to marketing for San Diego’s premiere professional teams, Sidecar has the experience, the track record, and the staff to help you reach your goals in 2016. Give us a call today, or email to get started with a free consultation on your online video content.

Spring Special at SidecarNot a trainer or coach? Email us today and we would be happy to discuss your video needs.


*Price excludes travel, music licensing, and motion graphics/custom transitions  **2 week turnaround is dependent on a 24-hour client review period of the product (one business day).


Vodka, Vibrance, and VIPs – The San Diego Film Awards

For months you have been hearing about the San Diego Film Awards 3rd annual award show this Sunday, April 3rd. Now, with the event just a week away, we’d like to share some simple tips and scheduled events happening in tandem with the show.

From the VIP reception party to the Hollywood-style Blue Carpet sponsored by Blue Ice Vodka, this night is set to be an incredible event of black ties and accolades. Please join the San Diego Film Consortium, Music BoxSidecar Productions, and the many volunteers that help create this star-studded evening. The Music Box opens at 5 pm, and the celebration will extend well beyond the show’s finale.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer

Mayor Kevin Faulconer interviewed at the San Diego Film Awards

Last year’s event was completely sold-out and this year looks to be no different. Nominees from all over San Diego County will be gathering to celebrate and network. Specialty cocktails will be on hand to toast the evening with press and media covering the night. This year also promises an exciting surprise: the taped broadcast of the award show will be aired on Channel 4 in San Diego on April 23rd. Be sure to check local listings for more information..

Arrival at the Red Carpet

“Holding the third annual San Diego Film Awards at this beautiful venue is going to be an incredible experience for all involved,” said Jodi Cilley, Founder of the Film Consortium San Diego. “To have it televised is even more exciting and shows all the progress we’ve made as our community continues to grow.”

Cilley is thrilled to have Fale Luis join this year’s event as his unique style and creative approach will shift the show in a positive direction. “I’m honored to be the director for the San Diego Film Awards,” Luis said, “I’m very excited to produce an awards show that brings together talented actors, comedians, musicians and filmmakers to make this the best show ever. #sdfilmawards.”

Blue Ice Carpet

The San Diego Film Awards Schedule

4:50 PM   Front door check-in begins for the Blue Carpet Interviews in the Blue Carpet Corner taking place in the VIP lounge on the third floor of The Music Box in San Diego.

5:00 PM   Doors open and registered VIPs and nominees are welcome to walk the Blue Ice Handcrafted American Vodka Blue Carpet for photographs and to be interviewed by press and media.

5:00 PM   VIP reception begins on the third floor. Get your tickets now by following this link: (VIP reception paired with VIP floor seats start at $115) Be sure to purchase VIP tickets to gain access to this exclusive third floor event.

5:00 PM  The Blue Ice Handcrafted American Vodka – Blue Carpet Corner hosted by Erika De La Cruz and Sam Diego opens our star-studded evening live on 5 flat-screen TVs throughout the venue and on the main stage’s incredible jumbo-tron. Nominees and VIP guests, please fill out the following survey of you would like to be interviewed by our hosts - *

6:30 PM Ushers will begin seating our guests, VIPs, and presenters. This is a great time to grab one of our Blue Ice Vodka signature cocktails at the bar before the show starts.

7:00 PM The 3rd Annual San Diego Film Awards begins, directed by Fale Luis, director of Tonight in San Diego.

SDFA ticket promo parody – Return of the Killer Tomatoes


Tickets -

Event Page


VIP Booth

contact for press/media inquiries

* Be sure to send in your filmmakers information if you would like to be considered for a live interview. Presenters and nominees will have first pick of interview time slots.

2nd Film Nomination for Sidecar and 1st for Sandollar


The San Diego Film Award announcements came out on Wednesday and Sandollar’s Pouring Down by Eric at Sidecar Productions has received at least one nomination. Categories are set to be announced at this year’s Winter Film Showcase put on the by the Film Consortium San Diego. Sidecar received the Best Feature Film Award in 2015 for their irreverent comedy Eternity: The Movie, now available on VOD and DVD.

Sandollar and Director Eric Staley outside Winston's Bar in OB



On April 3rd, Sandollar and Director Eric Staley will be on hand at the San Diego Film Awards to see if the team can bring home new accolades. We at Sidecar wish to thank the entire team that helped put this together as a labor of love.


Stone Eastman as Scott

Sierra Beggs as Sara

Topher Douglass as Father

Bullies: Austin Michael Osterling, Cameron Jacob and James O’Brien

Randy Davidson as Randy the Custodial Engineer

Merrick McCartha as Principal McCartha

Ellen di Cristina as Herself

Kids: Dylan Rodrigues, Angelina Barajas, Kaia Jepsen,

Stella Noll, Cyana Medrano, and Kaitlyn McCormic

Director of Photography Donnie Eastman

Post Production Ian Thorpe

Art Direction Ellen di Cristina

MUA Melissa Goodman

Key Grip Ricky Valenzuela

Lighting Assistant Terry Anderson

2nd AD Kevin Burke

Second 2nd Bryan Grove

Associate Producer Marco Rodrigues and Holly Raines

Directed by Eric Staley

SDFA Nomination Laurel

Special Thanks to Video Gear, 5 Star Fish Processing, and San Diego City Parks and permits Gina Dulay.

Remixed for the New Year

Drew Carey Show – People for Prez Remix

Frank Nash and Sidecar Productions came together once again to show the world that working-out, coupled with nostalgia and an underground remix, could take their project to the next level.  

The video takes the previously released remake of 5 O’ Clock World by Frank Nash and Eric Staley and adds an underground song by People For Prez with some serious remixing…er, editing.

Frank Nash and Drew Carey


This was Eric’s second time to the East Coast gym and fourth time collaborating with Nash and FNTS.  ”When you’re around him(Frank), you can’t help but get involved with whatever he has going on.  Dancing, lifting weights, singing at the top of your lungs–whatever it is… we wanted to showcase that infectious personality.” said the Director/Writer/Producer. “On the day of rehearsals, Frank hurt himself pretty bad, I was worried that the shoot could suffer.  The next two days Frank came in, nailed his lines, and his timing didn’t miss a beat. We believe this remix of the video shows his rock star personality, and the gym’s fun, energetic atmosphere.”

The video is part of a marketing campaign for the Boston area coupled with print, radio, and television spots airing all month. Frank speaks to trainers around the world about fitness, better living, and business. This video is him thriving in his element, his gym in Worcester, Massachusetts. Hip-Hop and high-energy.

Frank’s upcoming 30-second spots created for broadcast television  can be seen here (below) or on Charter Channel TV3 (channel 193), locally through social media advertising, or on the gym’s website.

FNTS 30 second broadcast commercial #1

FNTS 30 second broadcast commercial #2

5 O Clock Prez

Play 5 O Clock Prez by FNTS

Sandollar’s New Music Video: Beach-Rock-Guns?

Sandollar, a local San Diego band, and Sidecar Productions, a local production company, recently created an eye-catching and provocative video titled “Pouring Down” after the band’s recently released song off their 2014 album, Roller Coaster Ride.  The video showcases a boy’s hard life in a middle-class, white, single-family home.  The boy is picked on by his father, his sister and classmates, and when given the chance to act out in violence, the young man decides to go in a different direction. “We wanted to give both Sandollar’s fan group and a new audience something to think about,” said the video’s Director, Eric Staley.  ”The video is not saying whether gun control is right or wrong, but hopefully it can start a dialogue in this country about the violence and the hate being spread by those with access to guns.  People won’t change their deeply-rooted beliefs based on one video or film, but it is important to talk openly.”

Sandollar, Dylan and Eric of Sidecar



Sandollar’s “Pouring Down” is in their wheel house of beach-rock, but this catchy, ear-worm of a song further develops the band’s feel for crunching guitar solos and making the audience move.  Dave, the band lead guitarist, admitted, “We’re all excited about the release of the video, and while our band has different opinions, we all believe that kids should be kids and focus on doing what they do best–play.”  The other members in the band all agreed that their music is not about government issues, or political discourse, but they acknowledge that their songs aren’t performed in a bubble. “We create music to give people a chance to get away, a chance to turn up the radio and forget about their troubles.  Yes, their are themes of acceptance, and overcoming adversity but that is what music should be, a positive energy”  added lead-singer and keyboardist Baron Lunbeck. “We want to entertain, but at the same time, we aren’t just another pretty face,” laughed Henry Ortiz, the band’s drummer.

“Pouring Down” the single and Sandollar’s latest album on Pacific Records titled Roller Coaster Ride is available here, on iTunes.

Director talks with Kids




Sandollar the BandSandollar (from left to right)



Vocals, Keys: Baron Lunbeck
Lead Guitar: David Basham
Bass: Ian Thayer

Special thanks to the video’s sponsor:

Pouring Down Team







San Diego Film to Give Away a Gold Record at Comic-Con!

Comic Con 2015 – Local production company, Sidecar Productionswill give away one gold record PROP used in their film, Eternity: The Movie, on Sunday, July 12th.  To celebrate their recent distribution deal, Eternity’s stars will be in attendance to sign soundtracks, posters and take photos.

Eternity will be at Comic Con Sunday


The gold record giveaway is currently being advertised on the film’s Facebook page here.

As a follow up to Eternity’s theatrical release in 2014, Barrett Crake  (Glee and Incest The Musical) and Myko Olivier (ABC’s Castle and Glee) will make an appearance at this year’s Comic Con as Todd Lucas and B.J. Fairchild, their characters from the irreverent 80′s Comedy.  Crake and Olivier, who have become good friends over the years, will be on hand this Sunday at booth #4136, Indican Pictures, to celebrate their recent distribution deal with the LA based company.

#SDCC #EternityTheMovie

Eternity: The Movie at last years Comic Con festivities. 

As an added bonus, the director, Ian Thorpe, writer, Joey Abi-Loutfi, and producer, Eric Staley, will also be present to give away a gold record on display in Barry Goldfield Jr.’s (Jon Gries) office in the film.  Seen here, Gold Record #3 of 4, will be given away to one lucky fan.  Follow @eternityTweets for information on how and when you can win Eternity’s Gold Record. Good luck, Eternals!

Gold Record Giveaway

The gold record used in the film was created by Jason Kisvarday, production designer.

5 Business Lessons Learned While Working for my Dad

Happy Father’s Day and happy work-day to everyone.  Here is some of the business etiquette I learned from my father while working at The Staley Concern, a marketing firm in the central valley of California in 1995.

Ed Staley 1978 Ed Staley, Fisher Graphics, 1978

1. The client is first:  As a small business owner you are concerned with overhead, payroll and administration duties to name a few.  Your client has to know that you are just as concerned with the inner workings of their office as you are with yours.  This leaves your office work to the after-hours.  Monday through Friday is for your customers not for a small business owner.

2. Meeting face-to-face:  When my father needed something signed I or USPS could easily handle the task, but when his business needed to shine, impress or show the work, he was on his way over.  His clients ranged from Sacramento to Los Angeles.  It meant a lot of time in the car but now I was his co-pilot. Today, with Skype and cell phones (existed since the 1950′s), staying connected is easier but there is nothing like the shake of a hand and doing business face-to-face to truly understand your client’s needs.

3. No one can go it alone:  My father started his own business with a marketing degree and wanting more then to work for a large corporation.  He wanted to downsize and specialize but still needed graphic artists, production, market research and staff.  He went from being a cog to the engine itself.

His network was just as important as the work he created.  The central valley is a small network so he made sure to not undercut competition to be successful but to provide high-end professional work.  Over the years his competition would soon need his expertise and they would become clients because of good work not because of cut corners.

4. Good Customer Service is a rarity:  When picking up a out-of-house serviced computer I noticed the cover was bent and the screws didn’t line up. I mentioned this to the clerk so he took it into the back and proceed to pound it with a hammer in plain sight.  He was in his mid-thirties and when he brought it back to me, a 16 year old boy, I said “What are you doing? It’s a computer, not a car engine.”

“Well, it’s fixed now. Have a good day.”  I couldn’t believe the customer service he gave.  I told my dad when I got back to the office, I was fuming but he was glad I didn’t over react towards the sales clerk.  Later that day he wrote a letter explaining to the owner that he would pay for the horrible service he had received but he would never return to the store.

Months later I went back into the store for a small connector and didn’t have time to travel across town to their competition.  Above the work bench, behind the counter, was the letter my dad had written.  I guess the owner had posted it as a reminder to the people that work in the repair department to strive for better customer service. I remember my father’s advise back in the mid 90′s, “If you can combine customer service with the tech industry you would cut a path through the competition.”

5. It’s not always fun to be the boss:  Working long hours, going above and beyond and staying late is a requirement of all small business owners.  Reinventing yourself and keeping up to date on marketing practices, contracts and the latest social media trends can be exhausting so make sure it is something you love.

Eric Staley and Ed Staley 2013

Me and my father at my sister’s wedding in 2013.

Filming Without a Film Office

In 2012, after 4 years of raising funds, Sidecar Productions set out to shoot their first feature, Eternity: The Movie.  Unfortunately, earlier that year, funding had been cut to the San Diego Film Commission and the remaining staff was moved into the Tourism Authority Board.  Later that year the office officially folded and the four years of prepping to shoot in San Diego came to a head.

“We had no idea how crucial a central film office was to making a film until we tried to make Eternity without the San Diego Film Commission.” said Eternity’s producer Eric Staley.  

“A Film Commission facilitates all film productions in a given area. It helps communicate between the police, the city, event staff and mass transit.  It assists in coordinating locations and proper documentation for rights, permits and public safety.  Without a film commission you could have very large groups of people executing their projects with out concern for the surrounding area.  No paper trail to cease productions that damage parks waterways or city streets and no governing board over productions filming with unsafe practices or against union guidelines.” added the local producer.

Staley went on to point out an even bigger issue, “Without a local film office there is no liaison bringing in larger productions from outside San Diego.  This liaison helps productions work comfortably in our area bringing million-dollar budgets and hundreds of jobs to the city.”

Sidecar and their team spend a full year after filming to assemble footage, tracking down colorists, renting studio space to record the final soundtrack and finding professional post-houses to complete the film.  ”Most of this could have easily been accomplished with a film commission.” explained the film’s director, Ian Thorpe.

“With a film commission comes a large network experienced in creating and finishing films.  When we wrote Eternity we had our network of grips, directors of photography, colorists, and composers but sadly, without a county-wide film commission, these professionals have started to leave the area,” said the director.

Against all odds Eternity: The Movie opened in theaters across the U.S. and Canada in 9 cites in October of 2014.  ”It was a great experience filming in San Diego” said writer Joey Abi-Loutfi.  ”Great weather, beautiful people, and no traffic” boasted the LA native.  ”To have this playground only 70 miles from some of the largest blockbusters and to not utilize it would be a shame.”

Jon Gries answeres his phone on the set of Eternity: The Movie

Actor Jon Gries, of Napoleon Dynamite, answers his phone in his penthouse office. (Department of Transportation old building

Eric Staley and Francine Filsinger on Fox 5 News in San Diego