Sidecar Productions wins Feature of the Year in San Diego

San Diego, Ca – On March 7th, Eternity: The Movie picked up its second nomination and first award, Best Feature Film, at the San Diego Film Awards. Principal photography was completed in 2012 in San Diego County and released in theaters late October of 2014. Eternity: The Movie is the comedic story about the rise and fall of an R & B duo in the mid 1980s. “The film is similar to the look and sound of Hall and Oates and contains more heartbreak than a Richard Marx album,” noted the Encinitas based producer Eric Staley. Eternity also received accolades for its lead, Barrett Crake, its supporting actor, Myko Olivier, costume and makeup, production design, and editing. “It’s nice to be recognized for all of the hard work hundreds of people put in on the film,” acknowledged Director Ian Thorpe.

(From left to right) Director Ian Thorpe, Actor Jon Gries (Napoleon Dynamite), writer Joey Abi-Loutfi and Producer Eric Staley on the set of Eternity at the Department of Transportation building in Old Town San Diego.

(From left to right) Director Ian Thorpe, Actor Jon Gries (Napoleon Dynamite), writer Joey Abi-Loutfi and Producer Eric Staley on the set of Eternity.

Produced by San Diego’s Sidecar Productions, Eternity was produced in a multitude of San Diego communities, including Hillcrest (The Merrow on University), La Jolla, University Heights, Old Town, Point Loma, Downtown San Diego, Rancho Sante Fe, Santee, Encinitas (Lou’s Records), and Escondito. Staley, Thorpe, and writer Joey Abi-Loutfi were on hand to receive the award thanking family, friends, and the support of the San Diego film community. “We are truly blessed and have so many people to thank. No one can make a film alone. San Diego came out in support of creating this film and it is such an honor to receive this award.” Beamed Abi-loutfi.

Currently, Abi-Loutfi is writing a feature in hopes of working with actors Crake and Olivier again. Producer Eric Staley is assembling his first pilot episode, a drama to be filmed in San Diego revolving around the United States involvement in the Afghanistan War. Sidecar Productions continues to creates videos and web development for local corporations and looks forward to its next feature.

Sidecar Productions demo reel.

Maxboost and Ambrosia power – Case Study SCP

Ambrosia Video

In June of 2014 Sidecar Productions was hired to create two unique videos to create brand awareness for a tech start up in the San Francisco area.  Knowing that the client wished to add value to the project we created a script that was energetic, funny and modern.  Time constraints also added to the project’s needs with the product set to launch in less then two weeks.

Maxboost’s Brand Consultant, Marketing Director, and Sidecar’s Senior Project Manager, Eric Staley got together over Skype and hammered out two 45 second scripts that loosely would translate to two, one-minute videos for online distribution.  Bryan Decker, Sidecar’s Production Designer, hired Maddie Moon clothing to recreate the look and feel of a high-end fashion show while the show’s producer, Eric, reserved the locations, received and scheduled castings, and hired the 10+ person crew.

The crew consisted of a Director, a Director of Photography, an Assistant Camera Man, the Production Designer and an Art Assistant, a Lighting Technician, a Boom Operator/Audio Monitor, a Fashion P/A to help with wardrobe, a Hair stylist and a Makeup Artist.  Also, many on the Sidecar team helped with the production including a Graphic Artist and an Assistant Editor while in post production.  Having these resources helped us stay on time and on budget.

The result is a humorous video that has different levels of marketing, humor, and dialogue creating an environment that viewers want to watch over and over.  Please enjoy “Maxboost Power” and “Fashionable Slimcases” by Sidecar Productions.

Ambrosia and Maxboost videos by Sidecar Productions