Corporate Video

What is corporate video?

Corporate video is a broad term used to describe a wide range of video products that your company can utilize to increase sales, improve performance, increase efficiency, educate your staff, and promote your products. Sidecar Productions can help you visualize, write, produce, edit, and distribute the perfect corporate video for your company, whether you are looking for a marketing commercial to air on national or local television, a training or safety video, an internal presentation video, or any other form of corporate video. Sidecar Productions uses professional, high-definition video equipment to create visually stunning and technically sound corporate videos. Below you'll find some details about specific corporate video products.

Presentation Videos and Demonstration Videos

What are examples of presentation and demonstration videos? If you are hosting a conference or speaking at a seminar, Sidecar Productions can record the presentation to stream live over the internet to reach audiences who could not attend or to monetize your material. Maybe you perform live or want to capture an audience interacting with you and your product, demonstration video is perfect for that. Your CEO or CFO can give quarterly video reports to keep your staff informed and morale high. Sidecar Productions can record you performing a product demonstration (like you see on infomercials or at Costco), so that you can show the world how your product works and why they need it. We can create a video to conceptualize your ideas to use in a pitch meeting or to show your development team exactly what you are thinking. Capture your team performing the perfect root canal or reconstructing a cleft lip to show the world your capabilities. There are a million ways you can use and benefit from this type of video and Sidecar Productions can help you figure out what would be best for your situation.

Training Videos, Safety Videos, and Educational Videos

Training your staff on proper procedures and safety techniques can be a headache. Sidecar Productions can create an internal video for your company that will make your training sessions more engaging, concise, and consistent. Or, extend your educational material to the public and offer online training videos on a per view or subscription basis to generate income from your expertise.