Editing & Post-Production

What is Post-production?

Post-production is a stage of the video production process that is comprised of the selecting and preparing of written, visual, audible, and video media through the processes of correction, condensation, organization, and manipulation with the intention of conveying a specific message with the final composite of original materials. Wait...what?
Ok, so simply, 'Post-Production' incorporates everything that is involved in the video creation process after the shoot is complete. Sidecar Productions specializes in taking raw video footage and creating an awesome polished video. Though, if your idea of raw footage is the video you shot on your iphone, then we need to talk about Sidecar's full video production services.


Editing is the first and core part of the post-production process. Sidecar Productions has edited all kinds of video projects, from feature films to corporate videos and everything in between. We can help your project find its voice and come to life in the editing room. If you want to add a professional and polished look to your project then you need to go with a company that is experienced in turning 'inside-the-box' footage into an "outside-the-box" edit.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics bring video to life and are essential for adding production value to your video. Motion graphics could include a title, credits, on-screen text, images, lower-thirds, transitions, logos, or anything else that is added to the video during the post-production process. Additionally, visual effects can be utilized to enhance your videos and make them appear more professional by adding in details you couldn't afford and correcting mistakes made during the shoot. We can turn day to night, replace a blue sky with clouds, extend your set to make it appear larger, cut out unwanted background elements, add smoke, fire, lights, and dust, or swap out elements completely. The possibilities are endless and the benefits to adding motion graphics and visual effects to your video are immense. No, seriously, your video will look like a million bucks...even though you only spent a few thousand making it.


As one of the final steps in the post-production process, coloring is critical to the overall look and feel of your video. We start by color correcting your video so that each shot matches all of the other shots in the video, so your outdoor shot and your indoor shot now look more similar and natural. Next we give the entire video a color treatment that adds a distinctive look and 'feel' to the entire project and sets a mood for the audience based on the goal and your vision for the project. This process is critical to adding production value to your video and making it look professional, and once again Sidecar has you covered.