Marketing Video

What are marketing videos?

A marketing video is any video that helps sell you or your products and is an essential part of every marketing campaign. A traditional television commercial is a great example of a marketing video, but the internet offers an even greater opportunity. Creating web-based videos allows you to support and round-out your print and online marketing campaign. Regardless of the message you are trying to convey; your great customer satisfaction record, your great prices, or your high quality, a well-crafted video is the perfect solution. Sure, you could be satisfied by simply writing a bunch of text on your website, but let's face it, you are probably the only one who would read it... just like you are probably the only person reading this.

Testimonial Video

If your product is really that good, then you must have satisfied customers ready to tell the world about you. A testimonial video gives the rest of us a chance to see and hear why your customers are so excited about your product or service and seeing that excitement is much more convincing than reading about it. Plus, your customers would love the chance to be 'stars' and show-up in your video. Sidecar Productions can create your testimonial video and show off your clients.

Multifaceted Marketing

Traditionally, marketing budgets focused primarily on print advertising, creating campaigns that appeared in newspapers, magazines, and on billboards. Now, internet advertising has taken on a huge role in most marketing strategies thanks to banner ads and per-click pricing. So, the next logical step to bring your entire campaign together and send a unified message across all media is internet video. Creating an interactive, online marketing video is the perfect way to tie together your print, television, and static online efforts. Incorporating similar elements as in your broadcast and print ads, Sidecar Productions can create an online video that matches the feel of your campaign. Thus allowing your users to recognize and identify with the other branding materials they have seen and direct them to your other online assets. This is a great way to target potential customers from all angles and maximize user participation in your brand.