Go Interactive!

Interactive Media

Though the phrase "interactive media" may conjure up visions of CD-ROMs and animated gifs from the early 90's, it is the best way to describe the cutting-edge projects we love to create. Sidecar's expertise in techologies like the Flash Media Server, Actionscript, Javascript, After Effects, and iOS means that we can take your website/web application, your internet video, or your online media to the next level.

Video That Clicks

Video is not just for watching anymore. Fully emerse your users in the video experience with temporal triggers, draggable 'hit' zones, branching content, or by allowing them to become the director and "live-edit" their own version of the video to share online. Sidecar will devise and develop the perfect solution to get your video going viral.

Apps and Games

Now you are talking about the real fun stuff. Who doesn't love playing some Angry Birds or Words with Friends? We want to realize your great idea... but while you are thinking up something brilliant, click on our iPad and kill some time.