Web Development


Your website is a reflection of your company and the first impression you make on your clients. Do you want to convey a professional, polished, and modern message or just send the 'I built this site in an hour, just like my business' message? Sidecar can design and build your new site, update and refresh your current site, or finish the site that your brother's girlfriend's cousin never got around to. Oh yea, we also offer affordable hosting and maintenance packages.

Web Programming

We love to make stuff work on the internet. If you can dream it, we can build it online. We hand-code all of our projects using PHP, MySQL, HTML, and Javascript in Linux and Apache environments utilizing all of the latest web features and technologies available via CSS3, HTML5, Google APIs, and Flash Actionscript.

Application Development

Customized products, interactive catalogs, games, and apps all make your site more useful and fun so your customers keep coming back. We build all forms of entertaining Flash and Javascript applications that bring your site to life.