Who Should We Be?

Welcome to Sidecar Productions

Our Mission

Sidecar Productions is here to help your business utilize video, web, and new technologies to expand your customer base. Just as the sidecar on a motorcycle enables a driver to take a companion along, we want to be your companion and navigate you to new customers and take your company to the next level. We will show you how innovative marketing videos, interactive applications and modern web design can help your business grow and keep you moving forward.

Clients First

With so many unproven "companies" and Craig's List trollers out there, willing to tell you what you want to hear and con you into buying their 'snake oil', at Sidecar we're keepin' it real. We won't pretend to be something we aren't, we'll be honest about your options, and always put you and your goals first. Check out our video on this page, and the rest of our site, to see how we put...

Video and Web in Motion
The Blue Carpet Team & Sidecar's Anchorman Parody
The San Diego Film Awards were held on April 3rd at the Music Box in San Diego and while we apologize for not being able to properly meet all of the nominees and VIP attendees, we hope everyone had a memorable evening in America's Finest City. From our elegant and beautiful entry door staff to the professional photographer on our red carpet, this event was designed to be unlike similar r ... read more