"Thank you to the AMAZING crew from Sidecar Productions for their fantastic work behind the cameras and lights and as well as the guy who made that end all happen, Mr. Eric Staley. It's easily the single most expensive thing we've ever produced, but damn it looks incredible. Sitting in that room crowded with gear and hot lights was tough enough, but having to stay in there all day and quickly move around a near impossible laundry list of shots so that we get each done on time and with perfect attention to detail? Insane. You guys are amazing and we cannot thank you enough."
Anthony Donovan
Producer, Wondrous Strange Productions
"Thank you gentlemen for helping me make the website a reality! You guys are awesome. I am sending everyone with similar needs your way."
Mario Ortiz
Owner, Cinema Verde
"Whenever I need a team that I can trust to get the job done right, on time, in a professional atmosphere; I work with Sidecar Productions. The guys are always looking out for my best interest. Sidecar Productions is family."
Frank Nunez
Director/Producer, Little Boyz Dreams Productions

"I do a large number of online medical presentations that involve a good bit of Flash programming that I cannot do myself. Before working with Sidecar Productions, getting this programming done was a long, drawn-out process, with lots of problems. Now, what took weeks before, only takes days, sometimes just hours, without any of the issues I had to deal with before! I now only work with Sidecar Productions. Once you find the best, you can forget the rest. Thanks for all the great work!"
Luke Jungers
CEO, Cutting Room Floor